Corporate Kiosk Connections offers an on-line Vendor Day Scheduling Service that connects Specialty Retail Vendors and Corporations to provide retail shopping on-site at the corporate premises. Corporate Kiosk Connections offers an on-line Vendor Day Scheduling Service that connects Specialty Retail Vendors and Corporations to provide retail shopping on-site at the corporate premises.
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To ensure the continued quality of Corporate Kiosk Connections service and products, our members, Corporations and Specialty Retail Vendors alike, are asked to provide Corporate Kiosk Connections with feedback regarding their Vendor Day experience.

We believe this reciprocal evaluation service enables Corporate Kiosk Connections, Specialty Vendors, and Corporations to strive for continual improvements to enhance the Vendor Day experience for everyone.

Corporate Kiosk Connections knows you take pride in your products and services, as do we! Therefore, we require all of our members to adhere to our Standards of Etiquette. In the event a breach of conduct is reported, Corporate Kiosk Connections reserves the right to revoke membership and terminate access to our services.

  • Arrival and Departure Procedures. Arrival and departure procedures provided by the Corporation must be followed without exception.  Frequently, the times provided will be the only time the loading dock/entrance area is available to you.  It may also happen that you have to wait while other deliveries are made that are critical to the Corporation.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances that would cause a delay in your arrival or cancellation of the event, we will provide you a contact number.
  • Communications. All communication and questions regarding any corporate location or event must come to Corporate Kiosk Connections. Vendors are not to contact corporations directly. Corporate Kiosk Connections is managing these programs specifically because the corporations are not equipped or staffed to communicate with vendors. This includes, but not limited to, rescheduling, flyers and promotion, questions about display, customer payment issues, company closings, arrival procedures, directions, or any other issues.

    Only in the event of unforeseen circumstances that would cause a delay in your arrival or cancellation of the event may vendors contact corporations directly. A contact number for these types of situations will be posted on the website. Vendors should not contact corporations directly for any other reasons besides last minute cancellations or late arrivals.
  • Display Area. Products shall be set up in a neat and professional manner.  Displays must be arranged in an attractive manner. All boxes, carts, dollies, etc., should be returned to your car or stored out of sight under display tables. All trash, boxes, and debris should be removed from the premises before leaving.

    • Setup only on the tables provided for you.  No additional tables or setup racks are allowed without prior consent of the participating Corporation.
    • You are responsible for providing attractive 3-sided or 4-sided table covers that are floor length.
    • Keep your products and other material in the space allotted.
    • Merchandise, set up materials, and displays should not block any doors, entrances, or walk ways at any time.
    • Lit candles or other live flames are prohibited.
    • If electrical access is provided, make sure all electrical cords are secured, no cords or cables across doorways or walkways.
    • Do not use walls, window sills, windows, blinds, or any of the Corporation's property for posters, signs, or any part of your display.
    • Business Cards: In some cases, Corporations will not allow you to display your business cards. This information will be noted on the website when you book your Vendor Day, and it will be included in the printed information available with each booking. It is your responsibility to acknowledge this provision. If asked, you may give out a business card, but you may not be able to display them.
    • Promotional Posters: If allowed by the participating Corporation, posters, signs, and/or marquees with your company name must be professional and of high quality. No tattered boards or handwritten signs.  Corporate Kiosk Connections will work with the Corporations to promote Vendor Days and products.
  • Quality Products. Vendors must standby the quality of their products.  Any vendor reported for selling low quality or counterfeit products will be prohibited from using Corporate Kiosk Connection services.

    • All products must have prices clearly marked.
    • Restricted Items:  The following items may not be sold in any Corporation scheduled through Corporate Kiosk Connections:
      • Any product considered dangerous, obscene, abusive, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, disrespectful, sexually explicit, political or religious in nature.
    • Other Restricted Items:  Any items specifically restricted by a participating Corporation will be listed on our website.  Vendors are responsible for reading and complying with restricted items.
  • Merchandise Return Policy. Vendors must clearly state their return policy and provide contact information with all sales. Vendors also authorize Corporate Kiosk Connections to provide Vendor contact information when requested by individual employees of Corporate Vendor Programs in which the Vendor has previously participated.
  • Accepting Credit Cards and Checks. Vendors bear sole responsibility for accepting credit cards and checks. If a customer payment does not clear it is the vendor’s responsibility to work it out directly with the customer. Under no circumstance are vendors to involve the corporations. Unresolved payment issues are the cost of doing business and vendors assume complete responsibility.
  • Professionalism/Behavior. Professional and courteous behavior is expected and required. If you encounter a problem, contact Corporate Kiosk Connections.

    • Dress Code and Personal Grooming:  A “business-casual” dress code is required for all Vendor Days.  Always look presentable for a corporate headquarter environment.? Vendors reported for inappropriate dress or grooming will be prohibited from using Corporate Kiosk Connections services.
      • Appropriate Dress: The following are examples of appropriate dress:
        • Women - slacks, blazer, blouses/shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters.
        • Men - slacks, sports coats, sweaters, collared shirts.
      • Inappropriate Dress: The following are examples of inappropriate dress. (This is not an exhaustive list.)
        • Revealing clothing, spandex or any form-fitting materials
        • Jeans, T-shirts, sweat shirts, and baseball caps
        • Sneakers, hiking boots, beach sandals
    • Cell Phone/Pager Use:  Cell phones and pagers must be put in vibrate or silent mode, or if not equipped for that, turned off completely.  Cell phone use is reserved for vital calls only.
    • Children under 18 years old are not permitted to accompany Vendors to Corporate Vendor Days.
    • Vendors are not permitted to go to any corporate location at any time other than their scheduled date.

At Corporate Kiosk Connections we continually strive to support your Vendor Day experience. By preserving our quality standards we are able to develop and maintain our corporate associations. This allows us to provide you more connections through our Vendor Day Services. We appreciate your cooperation in following our Standards of Etiquette.

If you have any questions regarding our Standards of Etiquette, please contact us at

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